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“Breeding CRS AKA Crystal Red Shrimp”

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Introducing…Breeding Crystal Red Shrimp. This e-book provides you with valuable crystal red shrimp breeding techniques that have never been exposed before. Breeder X, an expert with 9 + years experience, tells all and explains exactly how to breed Crystal Red Shrimp affordably, effectively, and efficiently.


Breeding Crystal Red Shrimp can be hard, but it shouldn’t be. Breeder X simplifies the process of setting up your very own Crystal Red Shrimp money-machine and take advantage of a hobby that is spreading throughout the world like wildfire.


Why Crystal Red Shrimp?

crystal red shrimp breeding

Discover the secrets of Crystal Red Shrimp Breeding.

In 1991, Mr. Hisayasu Suziki in Japan began selectively breeding a special red colored bee shrimp. Little did he know that within years it would be one of the world’s most popular shrimp in aquariums all over the world. The popularity of breeding Crystal Red Shrimp in recent years has gone through-the-roof, with many admiring their beauty and significant income potential.


What Will You Learn?

Whether you are an experienced breeder, or complete newbie, Breeding Crystal Red Shrimp is the perfect e-book for you. You will learn lessons from the very basics of water requirements, to sourcing and selling your stock to buyers. Obviously we can’t tell you everything we will be covering in the book (that would be giving the game away, wouldn’t it?), but here’s just some things you can expect to learn:

Here are just some of the Chapters the book covers!
  •       History of Crystal Red Shrimps
  •       Water Parameters
  •       Crystal Red Shrimps Water Requirements
  •       Shrimp Tank Cycling
  •       Setting up a New Shrimp Tank
  •       Grading Crystal Red Shrimps
  •       How to feed Crystal Red Shrimps
  •       How to Figure out the Sex of Shrimp
  •       Molting
  •       Acclimatizing Shrimp
  •       How to Maintain Ideal Tank Temperatures in a Hot Environment
  •       Different Filtration Types Explained
  •       Biological Filtration Explained
  •       Most Common Filter Types on the Market
  •       How to Clean your Filter
  •       Selective Breeding Explained
  •       How to Get Top Quality Equipment 80% off Retail Price
  •       How to Sell your CRS for $$$
  •       How to Transport Shrimp Safely
  •       How to Make Money Sharing Your Experience on YouTube
  •       Explode Your Business with Automating Promotions

Want to know all of the above?




shrimp breeding rack

“You really opened my eyes to how lucrative breeding Crystal Red Shrimp can be! Thank you so much!”
Luke Sumber Perth, Australia


How Do You get Started?

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to becoming a full-time Crystal Red Shrimp breeder.

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  •      Optimal water requirements – Including temperature, pH, nitrates and other secrets of the trade that you won’t know going into the Crystal Red Shrimp alone!
  •      The SECRET to getting premier quality equipment at only 20% of the retail price! 99% of newcomers have no idea how to do this!
  •      How to EXPLODE your business by automating promotions – Turn your Crystal Red Shrimp business into a passive income on complete autopilot within months of setting it up!



shrimp breeding racks

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Breeder X
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